Refill mixed package

105,00 DKK

The Refill mixed package contains

  • 1 package of kitchen spray
  • 1 package bathroom spray
  • 1 package Mild all-purpose cleaner

Kitchen spray is for cleaning your kitchen. The package contains 3 bags of kitchen spray (500 ml).

Bathroom spray is for cleaning your bathroom. The package contains 3 bags of bathroom spray (500 ml).

Mild All-purpose cleaner is used when you need easy, gentle and quick cleaning. It is ideal for removing dirt and stains on floors and walls. Among other things, you can use the product as a replacement for the single-use cleaning wipe that you may be using now. The package contains 3 bags of Mild all-purpose spray
(500 ml).

With your order, we also send you 3 stickers for your bottles.

Paper packaging

All orders are shipped
in paper packaging

No single use plastic

Single use plastic is not a
sustainable choice


We care about you
and the planet


Directions for use

Cut the corner of a single bag of powder. Carefully pour the powder into a clean bottle. Add 500 ml of cold water. Put the spray nozzle on the bottle and shake gently. The powder dissolves and your cleaning spray is ready for use immediately.

Reuse bottles

You probably have plenty of 500 ml bottles in your home already. Syrup bottles or glass tonic bottles are great because they can be cleaned in the dishwasher, but you can also reuse the bottle from your old cleaning spray. It is up to you which you prefer. Your reused bottles save the environment a lot of resources in terms of production, raw materials and transportation. Remember to clean them thoroughly before use. Use the bottle with a cleaned spray nozzle from an empty bottle of cleaning spray or order a spray nozzle with your nuuii cleaning products.

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