All purpose cleaner

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1 pack of universal cleaning contains powder for 30 liters of hot water. This cleaner is for ordinary cleaning with hot water and all purpose cleaner. This can e.g. be for washing surfaces, washing floors, door posts and walls.

Directions for use

Fill a bucket with the amount of hot water you need. Add 1 teaspoon universal powder per 1 liter of water. The powder dissolves immediately and is ready for use. Wash the surfaces with the all-purpose cleaner solution and wipe with dry cloth when needed.

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All-purpose cleaner

Our Universal Cleaning is in powder form and packed in paper bags. Universal cleaning is used for ordinary cleaning. Among other things, it removes stains and dirt from walls and floors. Universal cleaning from nuuii contains our self-produced Castilla soap.

The universal powder is immediately dissolved in hot water.

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