About us

Make the world cleaner and greener with nuuii

At nuuii, we make products that contribute to a world with less CO 2 emissions, and where the production of plastic is significantly reduced. We do this by making products where you add water yourself. (This way we save CO 2 during transport).

Plastic pollution is a growing problem worldwide. We want to help create a more sustainable future. That is why we have developed products that are not packaged in plastic packaging. Our products are easy to use – just add our powder and cold water in a bottle shake gently. Then you use the products exactly like the products you already know.

We recommend that you use containers and bottles that you already have in order to minimize waste and extend the life of existing products. Otherwise, you can also buy our bottles, which are produced in Europe and can be reused many times.

Out goals

  • Avoid the unnecessary emission of CO 2 that occurs when transporting traditional, liquid cleaning
    agents. With our products, you have to add water yourself – water that is transported through the
    water pipes – not on the roads!
  • Avoid the production of single-use plastic – our products are only packaged in paper.
  • Make it easier for the consumer to make a sustainable choice.
  • Inspire other industries on how to rethink products and produce without single-use plastic.
  • Make proper dosage simple for consumers, thereby avoiding an overconsumption of soap and
    other cleaning agents; it saves the consumer money and at the same time it protects the

Who is behind nuuii?

Nuuii was founded by two Danish sisters, Sofie and Line, who were frustrated with how many products are wrapped unnecessarily in a lot of plastic. In addition, they were amazed at how many “sustainable” products are produced far from Denmark and Europe.

“For us local production is part of sustainability. So products do not have to be transported from the other
side of the globe by plane or container ship to reach European consumers”.

line og sofie nuuii

Our products

Our products are developed and produced at our own facilities in Jutland in Denmark. We only Danish raw materials as much as possible, and when that is not possible, we use European raw materials. In this way, we avoid that a lot of unnecessary CO 2 is emitted when the raw materials are transported.

This also gives us the opportunity to support small, local producers. For instance, we get the organic rapeseed oil for our castilla soap from a small local producer Nyborggaard in Jutland close to our production facilities.

Our nuuii products are of course developed to live up to strict requirements about harmful substances. This means that you can pour nuuii product down the drain with a clear conscience. In addition, nuuii products have the practical advantage of being very concentrated. Therefore, they are much smaller and lighter, and the packaging saves you a lot of lifting and space storage.

Since water is added in your home, we save the transportation of a whole lot of water. Water is heavy and takes up a lot of space, which is why many trucks drive around Europe loaded with water. When you consider that the active ingredients in soaps and detergents only make up 5-10%, a lot of CO 2 emissions are saved by just transporting the active ingredients. Nuuii products are small and light and can therefore be packed very efficiently.