cleaning supplies.

When you choose nuuii, you choose sustainability,
simplicity and a clear conscience.

Miljøvenlig rengøringsprodukt

This is how it works

Pour powder
into bottle

Add water
and shake

Use as any other
cleaning spray

Choose nuuii for a
sustainable tomorrow.

Sustainable cleaning supplies



Mild all-purpose cleaner

Mild all-purpose cleaner

Why choose nuuii?

A more sustainable future

When you choose nuuii, you choose sustainability, simplicity and a clear conscience.

Liquid cleaners are heavy and take up a lot of space. Our powders are light and take up minimal space. With nuuii products, you help to save CO2 emissions from transportation as our products take up very little space on a truck.

miljøvenlig rengøring

Have a clean home with a clear conscience

Our products are developed with carefully selected ingredients that do not interfere with the hormonal system, are allergenic or harmful to the environment, but of course they clean anyway. The products have been tested again and again, so we ensure that your home will be clean.

Environmentally friendly cleaning will always require you to lend a hand. If your cleaning products clean all by themselves, they most likely contain ingredients you cannot flush down the drain with a clear conscience. With environmentally friendly cleaning products from nuuii, you ensure both a clean home and a cleaner future.

Paper packaging

All orders are shipped
in paper packaging

No single-use plastic

Single use plastic is not
a sustainable choic


We care about you
and the planet

A cleaner planet
with nuuii

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